Make-up Lines

Cutting, filling, folding, roll-winding, plaiting, sandwiching, decorating...

The possibilities of the RONDO make-up lines are virtually unbounded. These videos show the production of numerous pastry products on the make-up lines Polyline and Starline.

Cutting & Stamping

Sheet cake, pizza, bread rolls and other pastry products


Bear claw, meat rolls, D-shapes, butterflies and many others


Diverse snails and other roll-wound products


Divers plaited strudels


Vol-au-vent, strudel with lattice decoration and other double decker products

Playlist - all make-up lines videos

Short-crust double decker products, mini pastries and many more

Croissant Machines

First stamp, then fill, rotate and curl. With our process-reliable solutions it is perfectly easy for you to produce all sorts of croissants and other curled baked products quickly and economically.

RONDO Croissomat

  • Croissomat SCM: for unfilled croissants
  • Croissomat SCMG: for unfilled and filled croissants
  • Up to 5400 (unfilled) or 3500 (filled) per hour

Unfilled croissants, glutenfree croissants

RONDO Cromaster

  • For unfilled and filled croissants
  • Up to 24000 croissants per hour

Mini croissants, zebra croissants (Rugelach)

RONDO Curl & More

  • For a wide variety of unfilled and filled curled pastry products
  • Up to 24000 croissants per hour

Filled and unfilled croissants, salted sticks, whole grain rolls and many other curled products

Bread and rolls equipment

Unser breit gefächertes Spektrum an Maschinen und Anlagen deckt die Bedürfnisse von handwerklichen Bäckern bis hin zum industriellen Hersteller ab. Abgestimmt auf Teigart, Automationsgrad und Produktionsmenge gestalten wir für Sie massgeschneiderte Lösungen zur Herstellung unterschiedlichster Brote und Brötchen.

Smart Bread Line

Combination of RONDO Smartline and Starline for the production of a wide variety of cut and/or moulded bread products.

Seeded rolls, seeded ciabatta, stamped bread rolls with decoration

RONDO BrotStar

For round and long-moulded bread loafs

Round and long-moulded bread loafs

Curl & More

For curled bread and rolls, filled and unfilled croissants

Salted sticks, baguettes, whole grain rolls

Industrial Solutions

No matter which particular baked product you want to produce on an industrial scale, you'll find that we always come up with the ideal solution. In heavy-duty, 24/7 deployment, our industrial ASTec lines uniquely combine gentle dough processing with excellent hygiene properties. They meet your demanding requirements for hygiene, process and quality of the final product.

Industrial Bread Line

Seeded Bread Rolls

Industrial Bread Line


High-speed Guillotine

60'000 snails per hour

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