Creating semi-automated artisanal bakery production

By choosing RONDO, you will be automating your bakery business in a pragmatic and cost effective way. Our machines are designed to automate the labour intensive sheeting and dough laminating processes, thereby improving the efficiency and productivity of your bakery.

RONDO Backstube mit Maschine und Linie von RONDO
Herausforderungen und Chancen
RONDO Dough-how Center

Challenges and opportunities

The day-to-day challenges of running an artisan bakery are many and varied. So, it can be difficult to find qualified personnel. But economic conditions, such as rising raw material prices, may also mean that greater efficiency is required to deliver cost effective production of baked goods. Expanding the system is not always possible, for example, due to space constraints. Artisan bakeries, on the other hand, can produce high-quality and elaborate products in smaller batches even in the tightest of spaces, clearly setting themselves apart from industrial products.

  • Limited space requirement
  • Few qualified personnel
  • Changing production conditions
  • Cost pressure
  • Frequent product changeovers due to small batches
  • Producing several products on one line
RONDO Cromaster

Development opportunities

One key to success is improved and more flexible utilisation of the existing production line. The aim is to automate individual process steps in a sensible way to minimise the overall effort, while maintaining or enhancing quality RONDO can offer you accessories for the production of specific baked goods, such as croissants. Or complementary elements to expand your existing line into a partially or fully automated system , thereby scaling your bakery operation.

  • Accessories, e.g. Croissomat
  • Scaling your operation : Ecoline as make-up line
  • Croissomat as an addition to Compas 4.0

Want greater efficiency and capacity for your business?

RONDO can assist you in making your bakery efficient and flexible. We would be delighted to discuss the possibilities of scaling your production or creating a holistic bakery automation concept with you.

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President & General Manager RONDO North America


RONDO Machines

Automate your bakery production step by step

RONDO Compas 4.0 Elektronische Teigausrollmaschine

Dough sheeters

These precise RONDO dough sheeters can turn all types of dough into flawless dough bands and are extremely easy to operate. Thanks to the various sizes and capacities available, you are sure to find the right machine for your business.

Pastry production

RONDO Cutomat Ausroll- und Schneidemaschine


Our Cutomats are dough sheeters with an integrated cutting station – the perfect solution when the available space is limited. You start by producing a dough band that the machine then cuts automatically into the shapes of your choice for you to process on the outfeed belt.
RONDO Schneidetisch

Cutting table

The cutting table is a practical solution for the automatic and precise cutting of the dough band into individual pieces of dough.

Pastry-specific machines

RONDO Rondopress Teigpresse


The Rondopress is our powerful dough and fat press with an automated pressing cycle. It will shape your dough pieces and fat plates.
RONDO Rondinette Croissantwickelmaschine


The Rondinette is the curling unit for straightforward production of croissants. It is so compact that it can even be placed on a Cutomat, a cutting table or a make-up line. Its curling pressure can be adjusted.