The history of RONDO

RONDO’s pioneering spirit and Swiss commitment to quality has its roots in a small workshop in Burgdorf, Switzerland. Today, this DNA can still be found in all our installations and services the world over.

RONDO alte Teigausrollmaschine

The milestones of RONDO’s company history

RONDO Firmengründer Gustav A. Seewer im Jahr 1948


Gustav. A. Seewer founds the engineering workshop on 1st May, laying the foundation stone for what is now the RONDO Group.

RONDO Erste Teigausrollmaschine


In 1953, G. A. Seewer takes out a patent on the first dough sheeter, his own invention. A dough sheeter is essentially a mechanically operated rolling pin.

RONDO Erste Auslandvertretungen im Jahr 1960

1960 – 1974

As early as 1960, RONDO sets up its first agency outside Switzerland- located in Germany. Branches in the USA and France follow later.

RONDO Ruedi Seewer


Ruedi Seewer, eldest son of the company’s founder, takes control.

RONDO Erste Compas Teigausrollmaschine


Development of the first electronic dough sheeter begins. The first Compas is unveiled in 1987. RONDO revolutionises the market as a result, making the daily work of thousands of bakers that much easier.

RONDO Weltkarte

1984 – 1995

Group growth is enormous in this decade. Subsidiaries and sales offices are opened in England, Italy, Canada and Malaysia.

RONDO Italien im Jahr 2000


To gain access to the growing industrial bakery market, RONDO goes in search of a partner and acquires the Doge company in Schio, Italy. The “Seewer Rondo” name previously borne by all machines, big and small, changes to “Rondo Doge”.

RONDO Aufarbeitungslinien Polyline und Startline


The Polyline and Starline make-up lines, successful to this day, are presented at the iba expo in Munich, along with the Rondostar 4000 dough sheeter. Two more RONDO sales offices open: one in China and one in Spain.

RONDO ASTec Line Wash-down Reinigen


Rondo Doge is now called RONDO. The company launches the industrial ASTec lines into the market. The innovative ASTec hygiene design is characterised by very easy cleaning, simple maintenance and ease of inspection.



Compas has been a household name on the market for more than 25 years. 2011 sees the introduction of the fourth generation, the Compas 3000 HD.

RONDO Dough-how Center


Space at the headquarters in Burgdorf is now close to capacity . So, a second production site is opened, also in Burgdorf. The footprint of the Dough-how Center, visited by customers from all over the world, is doubled.

RONDO Industrielle Croissantproduktion mit der RONDO CS im Jahr 2015


RONDO steps up its activities in the industry sector and at iba 2015 presents the industrial croissant system RONDO CS with a capacity of up to 150,000 croissants per hour.

RONDO Einführung RONDObot im Jahr 2017


In 2017, RONDO revolutionises the process of round moulding special rolls with the RONDObot. With the Multi Phase Rounding Process, RONDObot reliably processes wheat doughs, doughs with rye content, rested doughs and doughs with seed content.

RONDO Logo 70 years


RONDO celebrates 70 years of know-how, innovation and success.

RONDO Compas 4.0 Elektronische Teigausrollmaschine


RONDO launches the Compas 4.0, a groundbreaking electronic dough sheeter. It is the first and only dough sheeter with four individual drives. RONDO invites retailers and customers from all over the world to the World Conference in Burgdorf.

RONDO_Logo 2022 gray_04815


With a modernised brand design and a completely new website, RONDO is perfectly positioned to continue shaping the future of the baked goods industry.

75 Jahre RONDO


RONDO celebrates 75 years of know-how, innovation and success.