Thin Dough Line

The Thin Dough Line enables you to produce ultra-thin dough bands for regional products such as spring rolls, samosas or börek in a fully automated process. Thanks to our experience in upstream and downstream processes, you can either package the thin dough as sheets or fill it straight away.

RONDO Thin Dough Trio mit Querroller für Dünnteigherstellung

Thin Dough Line


Strengths of the thin dough line

RONDO Compas 4.0 Dünnteig

Dough band thickness of only 0.4 mm

  • Thanks to the combination of dough band former and calibrating rollers
  • Max. 3 perfectly coordinated calibrators and an optional cross roller reduce dough band thickness
RONDO Laminiertes Teigband

Reliable and precise

  • Perfect dough band thanks to full automation
  • Even with semi-skilled personnel, varying shifts and fluctuating dough quality
RONDO Dünnteig Ofen

Fully integrated, completely intuitive

  • Can be coupled with upstream and downstream installations
  • Intuitive to operate, even for semi-skilled workers
  • Fully automated operation
RONDO Dünnteig Gebäcke

Compensation for seasonal fluctuations

  • Configurability of the line enables the production of other bakery products, e.g. crispbread
  • Easy product changeover
  • Full performance all year round due to multi-purpose capability
RONDO Starline Reinigen

Hygiene made easy

  • Sophisticated hygienic design
  • Smooth surfaces, open pipe bend design
  • Can be thoroughly cleaned in 10 minutes
  • Compliant with hygiene standard UL Sanitation
Key features

Max. 15 metres per minute

Speed of conveyor belt

High speed of conveyor belt turns the thin dough line into a pace setter for maximum productivity.

Up to 0.4 mm

Dough band thickness

Max. 3 perfectly coordinated calibrators and an optional cross roller.

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Baked goods

Ideal for these baked goods

With the thin dough line, you can produce a wide range of baked goods and pastries, including the following products:


Service contact

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RONDO keeps your production line system up and running – with regular inspections and servicing, where necessary carrying out repairs and fitting replacement service kits.

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Technical data

Technical data

Thin dough line

Recommended operating time Multi-shift operation
Dough band width up to 600 mm
Conveyor belt width 640 mm
Speed of conveyor belt up to 20 m/min
Space requirement (L×W×H) 6,635 × 1,595 × 1,930 mm

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