Guinness World Record for the world's largest vegan pastry

Congratulations to "BakeryBakery" for producing the world's largest vegan pastry and becoming the Guinness World Record holder!

World Record Group Picture

On 3 February 2024, BakeryBakery, the first and largest vegan bakery in Switzerland, produced the world's largest vegan pain au chocolat on Waisenhausplatz in Bern. The final product was: 

  • 263 kg in weight (580lbs)
  • 22.7 metres long (75ft)
  • 60cm wide (2ft)

We were delighted to sponsor this incredible project with our Compas 4.0, our Polyline and the support of our dough-how, bakery and service crew! The whole event lasted over 15 hours and was planned in just two months.


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