From semi-automated to fully automated bakery production

RONDO will help you to further automate your bakery production system. Our configurable lines can be expanded by adding extra modules . This allows you to maximise your product variety on a single line and increase capacity at the same time – while maintaining consistently high, artisanal-standard product quality.

RONDO Backstube bei der Bäckerei Ebbing

Multipurpose – the key to greater variety and efficiency

Your baked goods production system can be further automated in a gradual, customised manner. Depending on the production volume, machines can take on individual steps in the production process – or an entire line can process the dough into ready-shaped final products.

Artisanal touch, regardless of volume

The individual machines can be linked in such a way that production runs as efficiently as possible and with a consistent level of quality, even in shift operations. This way you can compensate for differences in quality that might be caused by changes in untrained personnel. But craftsmanship does not have to be sacrificed to increase production volume either: Allow the dough band to settle when required, or add an artisanal touch when making it up.

RONDO is all about Multipurpose

This is where one of RONDO’s strengths comes into play: Multipurpose. Depending on the line, various accessories can be utilised , allowing you to produce folded, cut or rolled pastries – all on a single production line. Likewise, it is possible to make decorated, cut or stamped products from a wide variety of doughs: from laminated puff pastry to pre-cooked bread dough.


Want greater efficiency and capacity for your business?

RONDO can assist you to make your bakerymore efficient and powerful. We would be delighted to discuss the possibilities of scaling your production or creating a holistic bakery automation concept with you.

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Peter Spinelli

President & General Manager RONDO North America

Challenges and opportunities
RONDO Sandwiching Tobbogan

Challenges and opportunities

With a partially or fully automated bakery production system, you will be faced with the demands of striking an important balance: You are aiming to achieve the highest possible level of automation in order to work as cost-efficiently as possible. Yet at the same time, you want to maintain a consistent level of artisanal product quality. After all, you have made a name for yourself this way. Consumers are willing to pay for it and you are able to scale your business to access other distribution channels.

  • The ideal solution for the highest level of artisanal product quality
  • Maximum automation
  • Increase in production and cost efficiency
RONDO MLC 4.0 L-Laminating Line

Development opportunities

RONDO offers a wide range of machines and automation solutions , such as the modular MLC 4.0 system, that will help you gradually expand your line. This enables you to push ahead with the automation of your bakery operation in a targeted manner and in line with your investment capabilities.

  • Increase the level of automation, e.g. through automatic panning
  • Increase product variety with accessories
  • Specialise in Monoline
  • Scaling also possible in future

RONDO lines and components

For scaling your bakery production system

RONDO MLC 4.0 Abtafelstation

Dough block and feeding lines

Gentle laminating and sheeting processes are crucial for dough and product quality. The MLC 4.0 and Smartline systems from RONDO can be assembled in a modular fashion, expanded as needed and operated intuitively – providing the ideal cornerstone for a fully automated production line.

Make-up lines

Supplementary machines

These machines are the perfect match for your RONDO line. You can use them to automate additional steps in your production process.

RONDO Teigbandformer PPP

Dough band former PPP

With this dough band former, you can feed an MLC 4.0 or thin dough line with a continuous dough band. This increases the degree of automation of your line.
RONDO Smart Feeder Teigbandvorformer

Smart Feeder

The Smart Feeder enables you to automate the feeding process of youSmartline, improvingefficiency and increasing your production capacities.
RONDO Kalibriereinheit Kalibrierer

Calibrating unit

Use the calibrating unit to join individual dough bands together to form a continuous band. This will allow you to feed your line with a constant dough band and avoid breaks in production
RONDO Compact Absetzmaschine

Compact Panning Machine

The Compact Panning Machine – the economic, simple and universal panning solution from RONDO.


With RONDO accessories, you can configure the line to your specific needs.