Croissomat 4.0

Use an automated and efficient process to produce first-class croissants and other pastries on a par with artisanal products. Individually configurable process sections ensure maximum process reliability thanks to servo motors.

RONDO Croissomat 4.0 Gesamtansicht

Croissomat 4.0


Strengths of the Croissomat 4.0

Croissomat 4.0 Kalibrierer

Integrated calibrator

  • Consistent dough weight and seamless joining of dough bands

  • Removes tensions from the dough bands, resulting in homogeneous final products

  • Minimises dough trimmings

Scharfer Guillotinenschnitt

Clean guillotine incision

  • Clearly visible fat layers, resulting in beautiful layering
  • Tool selection ensures plenty of freedom in terms of shapes and sizes
Patentierter Separierer

Patented separator

  • Precise separation of triangles without deformation

  • No need for adjustments to stamp sizes

  • Greater productivity

Präzises Absetzen Drehtisch

High-precision panning

  • Accurate panning and turning of triangles
  • Highest level of process reliability thanks to servo motors
Sichtbarer Wickelprozess

Visible curling process

  • Gentle curling process that does not squash the fat layers

  • Anything from tightly to loosely curled croissants is possible

  • The ability to see into the curling unit ensures uncompromising product quality

Croissomat 4.0 Bypasstisch

Versatile bypass table

  • Completely tool-free, swift conversion process
  • Straightforward expansion process to create a compact make-up line
  • Extended scope of application
Key features

Consistent level of process reliability

Croissomat 4.0 in 3D

Discover the innovations of the new Croissomat 4.0 in the 3D video on Youtube.

Up to 5,400

unfilled croissants per hour

  • Production across 2 - 6 rows
  • Up to 900 croissants per row, per hour
  • Large selection of stamps for croissants of different sizes and weights

Simple and safe to operate

thanks to smart design

  • Intuitive operation due to multilingual touch panel 
  • Latest hygiene standards guarantee less contamination and dough residue
  • Highest work safety standards and quick elimination of error sources

Outstanding product variety

not only in the case of croissant variations

  • Wholemeal doughs, yeast doughs and multi-coloured doughs can also be produced 
  • Stamps can be upgraded to produce squares, ovals or circles 
  • Product range can be easily expanded

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Video: Advantages

Automation with artisanal quality

The advantages of Croissomat 4.0

Listen to our master baker André Merz talk about the reasons why the Croissomat 4.0 is your best choice in artisanal croissant production of all sizes.

Baked goods

Ideal for these baked goods

With the Croissomat 4.0, you can produce a wide range of baked goods and pastries, including the following products:

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RONDO Service & Support

RONDO keeps your production system up and running – with inspections and regular servicing, but also by carrying out repairs and providing replacement kits.

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John Latshaw

Service Manager

Technical data

Technical data

The key figures for the Croissomat 4.0

Dough band width 530 mm
Conveyor belt width 640 mm
Dimensions in the idle position (LxWxH) 2531 x 2825 x 1218 mm
Number of rows 2 - 6
Max. capacity per row / hour 900
Triangle base (W) 63 - 220 mm
Triangle height (H) 88 - 265 mm
Triangle weight 15 - 120 g

Additional options

Bypass table Working area option 1.0 m
Catch tray for outfeed table Option

Further information

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