Stand-alone RONDO machines

With these bakery-specific RONDO machines, you can produce round and long-moulded bread, pizzas, croissants and pastries.

RONDO Rondinette Croissantwickelmaschine
Multifunctional machines

Multifunctional machines for pastries, croissants and donuts

RONDO Schneidetisch

Cutting table

The cutting table is a practical solution for the automatic and precise cutting of the dough band into individual pieces of dough.
RONDO Cutomat Ausroll- und Schneidemaschine


Our Cutomats are dough sheeters with an integrated cutting station – the perfect solution when the available space is limited. You start by producing a dough band that the machine then cuts automatically into the shapes of your choice for you to process on the outfeed belt.
Bread machines

Bread machines

RONDO Brotstar 3000 - Lang- und Rundwirker

BrotStar 3000

The BrotStar 3000 is the perfect machine for an artisanal bakery that wants to produce round and long-moulded bread of the highest quality.
RONDObot Bread Moulder


The RONDObot forms identical roundmoulded rolls with a high dough yield and open pores. Its secret is the multi-phase rounding process, which simulates manual round moulding. In this way, it delivers outstanding product quality. The tools can be changed automatically.
Croissant machines

Croissant machines

RONDO Rondinette Croissantwickelmaschine


The Rondinette is the curling unit for straightforward production of croissants. It is so compact that it can even be placed on a Cutomat, a cutting table or a make-up line. Its curling pressure can be adjusted.
Pizza machines

Pizza machines

RONDO Pizzolo Ausrollmaschine für perfekte Pizzaboden


The Pizzolo is the compact solution for fast and easy production of pizza bases from dough balls. You can produce up to 300 pizza bases per hour.