The new multi-rollwinder from RONDO

RONDO ensures that even tried-and-tested products undergo continuous refinement. That is why a new generation of the multi-rollwinder is being launched. The new version is safer, more hygienic and more efficient than ever before.

RONDO Multi Rollwinder

Advanced configuration options – offering you greater flexibility

The new multi-rollwinder will assist you with the production of pastries in two, three or four rows. The product rolling speed is now adjustable as standard. It is now possible to use this accessory from both sides of your bakery machine in the conveyor belt’s running direction. You can adjust the position and support angle of the rollers individually. Engraved positioning indicators will help you to work with particular precision. This will boost the flexibility of your baked goods production.

RONDO Multi Roll Winder old and new

Comparing the old and the new generation of the multi-rollwinder

The benefits of switching to the new product

The optimised rollwinder is the centrepiece of the new multi-rollwinder. There is the option of incorporating a pre-folding device to simplify the dough rolling process. Using a quick-clamping system, it is very easy to position your rollwinder and pre-folding device anywhere on your Eco-, Poly- or Starline installation. Even without the rolling aid, you can achieve the same outstanding product quality with the new multi-rollwinder as you can with the predecessor model. All parts that come into contact with the dough can be removed from the system at the touch of a button, without the need for tools. This shortens the cleaning time for this accessory immensely.

The following product features help to ensure a particularly high standard of hygiene during pastry production:

  • The removable elements are, of course, made of materials approved for food contact
  • The drive of the unit is now located next to the conveyor belt
  • Instead of using chains, synthetic belts transfer the kinetic energy to the rollers
RONDO Multi rollwinder

Accurate displays ensure that the dough is processed more efficiently

This way, you too will benefit from the latest technology in dough processing

After successful planning and development phases and extensive testing, this product is now ready for widespread use. We are convinced that the new multi-rollwinder will take dough processing in bakeries and industrial bakery production to the next level. If you would also like to take advantage of the new multi-rollwinder, please feel free to contact RONDO. Your local Area Sales Manager would be happy to answer your questions about RONDO bakery machines or provide you with a quote directly.

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