ASTec – Advanced Sanitary Technology

Hygiene is increasingly becoming a focal point in the production of baked goods. That is why a high standard of hygiene is required for production systems.

The Grocery Manufacturers Association, the largest association in the food industry worldwide, has developed ten principles to define machines and systems that comply with a high standard of hygiene. We have designed our industrial ASTec lines according to these principles, the GMA checklist.

Hygienic, well-designed, ASTec.

Dry, wet, clean.

ASTec in detail

Our industrial ASTec lines are designed to meet high hygiene requirements. With heavy-duty, 24/7 deployment, they uniquely combine gentle dough processing with excellent hygiene properties. They meet your demanding requirements for hygiene, process and quality of the final product.

The engineering design is in line with the needs of hygiene and high-quality materials have been used to ensure rapid and reliable cleaning. Niches and horizontal surfaces have been avoided. Micro-organisms, dough and product scraps can therefore no longer accumulate. The ASTec line is cleaned according to a computer-based program defined individually for your production. The cleaning steps are logged for your audit.

There are two versions of ASTec lines: one for wet cleaning and one for dry cleaning.

Only materials that can be easily cleaned are used. The conveyor belt in addition has sealed edges.

The wide-opening protective covers, the belt management system and the free spaces between the individual line components ensure good accessibility to all areas where cleaning is required.

All parts of the ASTec line have been constructed in such a way that no dirt can accumulate.

You can define individual cleaning programs and store them in the control system.

The advantages of the ASTec lines

  • 30% shorter cleaning times, reducing costs and increasing production time.
  • Easier and faster access to all the important components for cleaning, maintenance and service.
  • No accumulation of product scraps or materials in niches and cavities.
  • Individual, computer-based cleaning programs for maximum hygiene.
  • Documentation of the individual cleaning steps and reproducibility at any time.

The 10 ASTec principles


Cleaning is carried out in line with GMP standards or other quality standards that can be verified by means of active monitoring program

Compatible materials

  • The materials used are compatible with the products, the environment and chemical cleaning agents.


  • All system sections are easily accessible for cleaning and hygiene, maintenance and inspection.

No material deposits

  • The system is free of niches in which products or liquids can accumulate. Self draining prevents the accumulation of waste or liquids.

Sealed cavities

  • • Cavities are avoided or must be permanently sealed.

No niches

  • The system has no indentations, slits, corrosion, gaps, recesses or open seams. All welding seams should be smooth.

Hygiene function

  • Under normal operating conditions, the machine does not contribute to the propagation of bacteria.
  • Man-machine interfaces such as buttons, valve levers etc. are designed in such a way that neither products nor liquids can penetrate.
  • The machine design is compatible with the bakery equipment and other systems such as power, steam, air and water systems.

Cleaning methods

  • The cleaning methods are effective and efficient and are recorded. The chemicals used are compatible.

Separate processes

  • Wherever possible, different work processes are separated to prevent cross contamination or to prevent products from being tampered with.

Equipment and personnel

  • The cleanliness requirements for the equipment and the hygiene requirements for the personnel are in compliance.
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