The RONDO Croissant System (CS) sets a new standard in the industrial production of filled and unfilled croissants. It offers the possibility to enhance production capacity, to reduce investment and operational costs whilst meeting the latest hygiene requirements.

Powerful, industrial, hygienic.

Diversity, quality, hygiene.

Quick, easy, hygienic.

Modular system to meet all requirements

The RONDO CS is extremely versatile with a modular design, which allows each process step to be matched with the individual product requirements, guaranteeing the correct solution every time. There are twenty two modules in total which can be configured to control flour removal, length cutting, spreading, stamping, turning and aligning, moistening and curling giving you the ability to optimise the line configuration for each product. Of course, the change-over from one product to the other is accomplished quickly and without tools.

High capacity

RONDO CS delivers a very high production capacity of up to 14 rows and 150 strokes per minute. Depending on the product size and recipe, you can produce up to 126.000 croissants per hour.

This high capacity is possible due to the unique twin-turning unit (patent pending). When it comes to capacity, the turning unit is the bottleneck of every croissant manufacturing solution, because triangles can be destroyed when the turning speed is too high. Therefore, we developed the twin-turning unit. It doubles the production capacity compared with other croissant solutions, without increasing the speed. The dynamic curling unit is also especially dedicated for very high production speeds. Its smart, self-cleaning mechanism ensures unhindered continuous operation over several shifts. You profit from outstanding high capacity combined with high quality and high process safety.

Outstanding hygiene properties

RONDO CS meets high hygiene requirements. It is constructed from stainless steel and built in the well-known RONDO ASTec Design.

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