Laminating Lines

We know how to achieve our goal: to produce the best laminated dough band. Quality deficiencies in the dough band can no longer be corrected further down the line.

What is the key to the best dough band? The crucial factor is minimal energy input in the laminating process. This is why our satellite head measures almost half a metre in diameter, so it is particularly gentle on the dough.

We build laminating lines in a wide variety of configurations: in L, U or Z arrangements, inline with discharge conveyors or with a right-angled fan-folding station, with or without resting conveyors. In the configuration tailored to your needs.

Fat pump

The fat pump is specially engineered to have no more than marginal influence on the temperature of the fat.


A homogeneous dough band and a uniform layer of fat are the basis for the high quality of the laminated dough band.

Satellite head

Our satellites are extra-large in diameter and are available with two lower rollers, which means the sheeting process runs in two steps. This maintains the layers of dough/fat perfectly.

Forming layers

Right-angled fan-folding stations or inline discharge conveyors are incorporated into the configuration for forming the fat/dough layers, depending on requirements.

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