Bread and rolls equipment

Our wide range of machines and installations covers any set of requirements from artisanal home bakeries all the way up to big industrial producers. We design bespoke solutions for any type of dough, desired level of automation and target output rate for the production of a huge range of bread and bread-roll products.

Diversity, quality, uniformity.

Exact, process-reliable – BrotStar.

Versatile, stress-free – Smart Bread Line.



The RONDO SBL special bread and rolls line is the right choice for all bakeries looking to produce high-quality special bread and rolls cut from a dough band the efficient way. The RONDO SBL is just short of 12 metres long and can automatically produce the full range of cut & sheet bread and rolls, either seeded or unseeded.

High level of automation

Capacity: up to 18,000 units per hour

Product weight: 50 – 600 g

RONDObot – revolutionary rounding

RONDObot – revolutionary rounding

RONDObot is the technology underlying an innovative rounding system for dough-band installations. It is designed for production of round-moulded small pastries and bread across a wide range of weights.

Multi-Phase Rounding Process

High performance

Unmatched flexibility

Superb product quality



Kombi is an electronic sheeter for all dough bands and at the same time it is the perfect long-moulding machine for rye, wheat and mixed-flour bread loaves.

BrotStar 3000

BrotStar 3000

The BrotStar 3000 round and long moulder is the ideal machine for every producer who wants to make bread of the highest quality. The unique working principle makes the difference: Round bread, as if moulded by hand and long-moulded bread with a perfect seam.

You can feed the BrotStar 3000 with the RONDO Divider 3000 or any other commercially available dough divider.

Capacity: 400 – 2000 kg/h

Weight range: 350 – 2100 g

Smart Bread Line

Smart Bread Line

The Smart Bread Line combines our Smartlinewith a make-up line and is the flexible, multifunctional solution for the manufacture of bread and rolls as well as other bakery products.

Capacity: 150 – 1500 kg/h

Weight range: 25 – 1500 g

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