RONDObot – revolutionary rounding

RONDObot is the technology underlying an innovative rounding system for dough-band installations. It is designed for production of round-moulded small pastries and bread across a wide range of weights.

The rounding system consists of the RONDObot, an industrial robot with IP67 protection rating, revolutionary new tools and a special rounding table. It can be integrated into existing or new bread and small-pastry production lines.

Revolutionary Multi-Phase Rounding Process

The RONDObot's six degrees of freedom enable the rounding process to be matched perfectly to the dough and the end product; manual rounding is copied to perfect and repeat accuracy is 100 %. This revolutionary Multi-Phase Rounding Process breaks rounding down into individual phases so that the optimum moulding actions can be performed in each individual phase. Moulding speed can be adapted with the RONDObot and it is also possible to define the changes in the eccentric movements and the pressure applied to the dough piece. All parameters of the Multi-Phase Rounding Process are saved in the control system and can be called up at any time.


  • Small pastries and bread in the range from 40 to 1000 grams
  • Wheat-flour doughs, doughs containing rye or seeds, rested doughs
  • Unique Multi-Phase Rounding Process
  • High performance
  • Automatic tool-change system
  • Between 3 and 7 production rows
  • Universal moulding conveyor (regardless of number of production rows)
  • Hygienic design
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