Feeding solutions

An early stage in production, the sheeting of the dough band has an enormous effect on the quality and flavour of your bakery products and, consequently, on the success of your business. Every dough has properties of its own. For soft, doughs with high water content, for example, the unique pore structure and the flavourings are important – laminated doughs, by contrast, have to retain their layers of fat.

We have been building machines for sheeting dough for 65 years and more. Our expertise and our wealth of experience are embodied in every unique feeding installation we build. Find out for yourself.


Gentle, stress-free, weight-accurate.


Efficient, easily cleaned, reliable.


Versatile, user-friendly, economical.

Laminating and sheeting



The ideal accessory for your bakery production with dough sheeter and make-up line, because the calibrator joins reeled dough bands to form one continuous low-tension dough band.

Joining dough bands

Efficiency boost



The universal Smartline has a unique, pivoting satellite head enabling it to gently process all types of dough to form a consistent dough band.

Gentle sheeting of all types of dough

Patented, pivoting satellite head



The RONDO MLC 4.0 is modular and expands in step with the growth of your production – from the basic system through to the fully automatic laminating line.

Conveyor belt width 700 and 900 mm

Designed for 24/7 operation

RONDO MLC & Smartline

RONDO MLC & Smartline

The combination of RONDO MLC and Smartline makes for a highly versatile, universal solution. Use it to produce all dough bands, laminated and non-laminated, and feed your make-up line.

Laminating and gentle sheeting of all types of dough

Fully automatic laminating, sheeting and feeding

Dough band former

Smart Feeder

Smart Feeder

Use the Smart Feeder to shape non-laminated dough into a homogeneous band ready for sheeting by the Smartline.

3-roll Extruder

3-roll Extruder

The ideal dough band former for producing laminated doughs with the RONDO MLC 4.0.

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