Make-up lines

Folded, rolled, filled, decorated, cut, stamped: RONDO's Ecoline, Polyline and Starline make-up lines enable you to produce a vast range of pastry products, and also rolls, pizzas, donuts and thin-dough products, all in top quality. Numerous accessories and a raft of options for feed and panning render our solutions extremely versatile, so they adapt perfectly to your needs and to the space available on your premises.

Diversity, quality, regularity.

Cutting, filling, braiding.

Filling, rolling, cutting.

Sandwiching, decorative-cutting, stamping.

Ecoline - makes entry easy

Ecoline - makes entry easy

The Ecoline is a compact make-up line that makes it easy for you to enter into automated pastry production.

2 line lengths: 4 m and 6 m

Simple operation

Polyline - the flexible line

Polyline - the flexible line

The Polyline is mounted on castors; there is a spot for it in any bakery and it can be fed automatically or from reeled dough bands.

3 line lengths: 5.0 m, 6.2 m and 7.6 m

Movable guillotine

Starline - the high-performance line

Starline - the high-performance line

The high-end Starline combines high performance with ease of use and ample space for accessories.

3 line lengths: from 8.5 to 11.5 m

2 controller versions

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