Americans are not the only ones who know a thing or two about marketing: #besugarsmart

The Broadway Bakery company, Kenya's market leader for loaf bread, is attracting a great deal of attention with its #besugarsmart corporate campaign. The campaign aims at raising awareness for the dangers of excessive sugar consumption so that people can opt to consume sugar in moderation.

Under the "heritage for quality" hallmark, Broadway Bakery has installed an automatic production line from RONDO to move into production of the now legendary "Kenyan Defence Forces" (KDF) mandazi, along with other pastries.

Broadway Bakery was founded in 1958. It is highly successful in sliced and unsliced loaf bread and it ranks as market leader in Kenya with its "Broadways" brand. In the early 1980s, Broadway Bakery also started its own flour production under the brand-name BAKEX.

Bimal S. Shah, second-generation manager of the family-owned company, plans on continuing the firm's success story in other areas as well. Flexibility, sustainability, efficiency and corporate responsibility for the society at large are important aspects of his strategic orientation. This is why, together with RONDO, he went in search of a make-up line that would allow him as many development options as possible for the future.

He found what he was looking for in an automatic production line that combines our Smartline and Starline and is virtually an all-rounder. With the Smart Feeder dough band former, this line is eminently suitable for production of mandazi, the doughnut-type pastries typical of the region. In future other pastries will also be produced on the RONDO line. With the flexible RONDO solution, there are virtually no limits to Bimal S. Shah's creativity.

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Final distribution of mandazi to neighbourhood shops by light motorbike.

Bimal S. Shah is moving Broadway Bakery Ltd. along new routes to success.

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