New Ecoline 4.0 make-up line

RONDO has designed a new, shorter version of the popular Ecoline make-up line. A mere 4 m in length, the new Ecoline SEL401 can handle automated production of numerous pastries.

The Ecoline is a compact make-up line that makes it easy for you to produce folded and rolled pastries. Developed and built in our plant in Switzerland, it offers all the benefits of the RONDO machines at a very attractive price.

The Ecoline is now available in two different lengths, 4 m and 6 m. High process reliability, ease of use and high dependability characterise both versions. The Starter Kit contains all the accessory tools you need for four-row production of single-folded and double-folded pastries. There are many other accessories and decorating elements which will enable you to produce numerous pastries automatically on the Ecoline. So the Ecoline offers you easy entry into automatic pastry production.

For more information, contact Alexander Weissbach.

New Ecoline 4.0, only 4 m in length, for automated production


Mini vol-au-vent

Bear claw

Spandauer-type Danish

Pressed snail

Chocolate bread

Filled triangle

Meat roll

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