RONDO remains loyal to Europain

RONDO welcomed many customers from France, Northwest Africa and numerous other countries at this year's Europain trade show. The golden dough sheeter marking the company's 70th anniversary was a real eye-catcher on the stand.

The Europain expo rebranded itself for 2018 by restructuring with the sectors manufacturing/producing, selling and managing. The changes meant that the bakery part of the expo was very compact, with all the exhibitors together in one hall. The short distances were a benefit, of course, although some customers voiced their regrets about how little remains of a trade fair formerly almost on a par with iba in Munich, Germany.

Encouragingly however, RONDO has stayed loyal to the Paris expo and as one of the few big-name machine manufacturers of course we also had bakery machines on show. Many other companies, by contrast, did not exhibit machines. Visitors were particularly interested in our compact Ecoline make-up line and the custom cutting tools we can produce to customer specification for all imaginable shapes of pastries.

An even bigger crowd-puller was our golden dough sheeter, which RONDO customers can win in a competition organised to mark our company's 70th anniversary. We were very happy to see so many visitors submitting their entries for the competition.

Over the four days of the trade show our people from RONDO France welcomed a large number of customers from France and Northwest Africa. The RONDO international team was there too, taking care of other customers from all over the world. Interest was broad-based and extended from space-saving dough sheeters to industrial solutions.

The golden dough sheeter was the highlight.

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