EVO Line - the flexible industrial line concept grows bigger

The industrial line concept for growing customers with high flexibility requirements has been extended to include the family of curled products such as croissants

The newly developed EVO CS module for curled products such as croissants.

Utmost flexibility in industrial production capacity is the design concept of the EVO Line. To further boost flexibility in product diversity, the EVO Line family has been extended to include a curling unit. Once again, flexibility is the key aspect. Filled and unfilled croissants can be produced, in addition curled bread and sweet doughs can also be processed on the modular EVO CS.

The EVO Line design allows croissant makers to set up as a curled product pro-ducer or as a combined multifunctional installation. In a curled product only facility, all the process steps for croissant production, including cutting the triangles, turn-ing, filling (optional), stretching height and curling are implemented on the croissant module itself. However, when the croissant unit is combined with a make-up table, triangle production and filling (optional) are shifted to the make-up table. Therfore the croissant module is shorter, designed only for turning and curling. This flexibility permits an existing system to be extended to produce curled baked goods.

A working width of 900 mm enables rationalised handling of dough bands. Thus the machine can handle up to 10 production rows of unfilled products or 5 rows of filled products. At a maximum of 75 strokes per minute, up to 45,000 croissants can be produced per hour.

If you'd like to see it in action, there is an EVO Laminating and Make-up Line set up in our Dough-how Center in Burgdorf (Switzerland), ready and waiting for demon-strations, tests and trials.

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