At iba we are exhibiting innovations for the production of bread and rolls

True to our "Dough-how & more" motto, on stand A1.111, hall A1, RONDO will showcase new systems technology and innovative processes for the production of premium baked goods in the pastry, croissants, pizza, bread and rolls sectors.

At iba we are exhibiting innovations for the production of bread and rolls

At this year's iba we celebrate our 70th anniversary

A small company founded in tranquil Burgdorf/Switzerland back in 1948 by G.A. Seewer has grown into the international RONDO Group, a leading manufacturer of machines and systems for dough processing. During those 70 years, our customers worldwide have benefitted from RONDO's unique know-how and innovation. The RONDO stand this year gives visitors first-hand experience of our company history, an impressive success story from the first dough sheeter to our very latest developments. At iba we will be showing many innovations and refinements for all sectors of production, from artisanal through automated to industrial scale.

RONDO ARTISANA – for industrial production of artisanal bread and rolls

Our new industrial concept was developed especially to produce artisanal bread and rolls. The ARTISANA bread line has a capacity of approximately 2000 kg/h. It is designed for the entire range of artisanal products from cut bread like ciabatta through long-moulded products such as baguettes to round-moulded bread and rolls. The ARTISANA line enables you to process highly hydrated doughs with long resting times industrially to produce baked goods on a par with craft baking in taste, appearance and shelf life.

ARTISANA is a new industrial line to produce artisanal bread and rolls

RONDObot – innovative round moulding

RONDObot combines high performance with unparalleled flexibility

The ARTISANA line on show at this year's iba includes a fully integrated RONDObot. This is a newly developed system to produce round-moulded rolls and bread across a wide range of weights. RONDObot consists of a special round moulding table, revolutionary new tools and an industrial robot with IP67 protection rating for use in the foodstuffs sector. This system is characterised by its high performance and unmatched flexibility and by the outstanding quality of the dough pieces. The RONDO Multi-Phase Rounding process (MPR) enables the RONDObot to imitate manual round moulding to perfection. This is the very first system to give you the capability for automatically round-moulding very soft and sticky doughs.

EVO Line – a new family of industrial production lines

With the industrial ASTec lines, RONDO offers high-end solutions that are technical and technological leaders. Their unique hygiene concept is a signature feature of these systems. For customers gearing up to move into industrial production or looking for a multifunctional line to handle product diversity, we have developed the EVO Lines with capacities from 1000 and 2000 kg/h. The EVO Lines range includes solutions to produce bread and rolls, pizza, doughnuts, pastry and croissants. These industrial lines with their EVO components are characterised by high process reliability, gentle dough processing, ease of use and high dependability.

Starline – remodelled make-up line

Our proven make-up line Starline, the high-performance solution for processing 600-mm wide dough bands, has been remodelled for this year's iba. By introducing a new electromechanical guillotine, RONDO has increased the line's precision for the production of pastries. Adjustable cutting heights are another new feature of this guillotine, the line can run even faster when cutting thin products. The new guillotine is also quieter in operation with lower energy con-sumption.

New bending unit for croissants

The Cromaster is a compact croissant machine for production rates up to 24,000 units per hour (in eight-row croissant production). For this successful croissant machine, we are show-ing for the first time a module that bends croissants automatically. The bending unit can be used to produce filled and unfilled croissants, crescents and other curled products with a 180 to 220 mm base. High process reliability characterises the Cromaster / curling bending combi-nation. This bending unit – retrofittable in some Cromaster configurations – automates the labour-intensive bending and panning of croissants, making it an attractive solution for your bakery business.

CODEX – continuous kneading process

FEEL THE PROCESS is a RONDO motto and with CODEX by Rondo, we are showing a ground-breaking process for direct, continuous dough-band production. The process technolo-gy of CODEX by Rondo is suitable for the production of puff-pastry, Danish-pastry and crois-sant doughs, even for bead and pizza doughs. The CODEX extruder sheets the dough, dis-charging a continuous dough band directly to the production line for further processing. The special properties of this dough band permit wholly new process workflows and product quali-ties. CODEX by Rondo is already being used with great success in industrial production.

Fit for the future with cutting-edge technology

RONDOnet is our high-performance solution for Industry 4.0 applications. The system enables you to log, document and analyse equipment conditions and interactions. RONDOnet also permits status monitoring so that you can spot irregularities before a component failure has time to develop. This is how RONDOnet supports production management efficiently in opti-mising plant control and minimising downtimes. RONDOnet can be installed as a stationary application directly at the line or in the central control facility, it is also available as an applica-tion for mobile terminal devices such as mobile phones and tablet PCs.

Machines and equipment, plus processes and technology

An end-to-end approach to product, recipe, processes and systems technology is vital for the industrial production of the bakery goods that are trending today, such as gluten-free products, frozen-to-oven croissants, long shelf-life and clean-label wares. With Dough-how & more we offer wide-ranging expertise and years of experience for developing new products and produc-tion processes in close collaboration with you, our customer. Our Dough-how Centers in Burgdorf (CH), Schio (IT) and New Jersey (USA) are available for this very purpose. This year's iba is an opportunity for you to find out everything about the various Dough-how Ser-vices and the latest addition to our range, namely RONDO Financial Services. This is where we deal with matters of financing and business models designed to facilitate our worldwide customers' access to premium RONDO installations.

Numerous demonstrations at the RONDO expo stand

Trade fair visitors can experience all our machines at close quarters during regular demonstra-tions. The extensive programme of demonstrations covers a wide range of bakery items that you can produce efficiently and in outstanding quality with RONDO solutions: from pastries through vegetarian snacks to bended croissants and, naturally, bread and rolls. Check the schedule for all the demonstrations here.

As always, the combined competence of our international team awaits visitors to the RONDO expo stand. Together with our Dough-how specialists, team members will be answering all your questions about industrial production processes and production equipment for baked goods. The independent business unit RONDO Industrial Solutions (RIS) is a consulting and technology supplier ready and able to assist our industrial customers. A visit to the RONDO stand in Hall A1 is worthwhile for all trade visitors from craft through to industrial bakery busi-nesses who want to find out about innovative ideas and future concepts.

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