The Compact Panning Machine can now turn baked goods up to 140 mm in length

Even large products can now be turned automatically from a seam-up position and panned seam-down.

We now offer a tiltable nose roller as an infeed-side option for the Compact Panning Machine. Dough pieces coming out with the seam up are turned as they transition from the processing line to the panning machine for automatic panning or transfer to a conveyor belt.

Turning or flip-over means turning the dough pieces so that the seam, which is up after processing, is on the bottom. The product's own weight then prevents the seam from opening during proving.

Until now drop height was the limiting factor and the system was good only for products up to a maximum length of about 90 mm.

We dealt with this difficulty by making the tiltable nose roller considerably longer. This also makes the Compact Panning Machine much more versatile for more applications. Flip-over now works with products up to 130–140 mm in length.

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The tiltable nose roller enables large dough pieces to be flipped.

After flip-over the seam is at the bottom.

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