RONDO increases performance of the Curl & More by 50%

Winner of an award for innovation, the Curl & More is an extremely versatile machine for the automatic production of curled pastries.

RONDO increases performance of the Curl & More by 50%

In numerous applications all over the world, this unique machine efficiently produces filled and unfilled croissants, soft salted sticks and crescents, baguettes, hot-dog buns, couques au beurre, egg tarts and many other curled bread products.

Now we have increased the capacity of the Curl & More for the production of unfilled croissants from 2000 to 3000 per row and hour. So when set up for eight-row production of mini-croissants, for example, the machine can achieve a production rate of 24,000 units per hour. Capacity for four-row production of croissants weighing 45 – 60 g is 12,000 per hour. The figure for filled croissants and other curled products remains unchanged at 2500 or 2000 units per row and hour.

Our new, higher-performance Curl & More is the ideal machine for all producers who require automatic high-quality production of unfilled croissants, filled croissants with high amounts of filling, baguettes, soft salted sticks and other curled products.

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