Artisanal bread with the RONDO Artisana

Premium-quality artisanal bread is really big right now. That's why the RONDO Artisana is designed purely for the high-volume production of baked goods like this, in many different sizes and shapes.

Artisanal bread with the RONDO Artisana

To give great weight accuracy, the Artisana works with a uniform dough band produced by the MIDOS dough band former with a double pre-portioner, using no dusting flour or process oil whatsoever. Excess dough is returned to the pre-portioner directly after the satellite head, where the dough is still fresh and has experienced virtually no mechanical stressing. The infeed, cutter and outfeed belts have individual speed settings, even sticky and highly hydrogenated dough pieces are separated easily and reliably directly after the servo-controlled guillotine. The modular RONDO long moulding system for rested doughs is the only such system used for long-moulded products.

The perfect match for the Artisana is the unique RONDObot. The 6-axis industrial robot with automatic tool change system works with the Multi-Phase Rounding process. MPR permits product-specific adaptation not just of moulding speed but also of moulding time, the eccentric moulding action and contact pressure applied to the dough piece. Numerous customer tests and trials in our Dough-how Center in Burgdorf (Switzerland) have confirmed that this makes the RONDObot ideal for handling even highly hydrogenated and long-rested doughs.

The Artisana is designed for a throughput of 1.5 to 2 metric tons of dough per hour. The basic configuration always includes the cutting module, optionally combined with the RONDObot round moulder and/or the RONDO long-moulding system.

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