Success story: Croissants at La Boulangère

At La Boulangère, an old industrial croissant machine was removed and a new RONDO CS installed. The change was an instant success: product quality improved significantly right away.

Even in France, the veritable home of the croissant, RONDO is the manufacturer of choice for industrial production. At La Boulangère in Les Herbiers (Pays de la Loire, France), we installed a RONDO CS to replace an industrial croissant machine supplied by others. The RONDO CS is a modern industrial croissant machine with very high capacity and a precise, process-safe curling process. In the proven ASTec design, it has excellent hygiene properties.

Working to a very tight schedule, the dedicated team from RONDO needed only one week to install a complete RONDO CS. No complications whatsoever were experienced as production restarted with the brand-new croissant machine. Thierry Guignon, Managing Director La Boulangère, is very happy with the improvement in product quality brought about so quickly by the RONDO CS: the volume of the croissants is now up 20 percent. And interestingly, in addition, the reject rate has dropped from five to a mere one percent. So, there's no denying that it's not only the French who know a thing or two about baking quality croissants.

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The RONDO CS industrial croissant machine can produce croissants at a rate of more than 120,000 units per hour.

The teams from RONDO and La Boulangère are glad that after a break of just one week, full production can restart.

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