Rounded rolls with high dough hydration

The newly developed RONDObot can round artisanal doughs without destroying the dough structure.

Together with a customer, in the Dough-how Center in Burgdorf (Switzerland), RONDO has successfully produced rounded ciabatta rolls with open-pore texture. The rolls were rounded by the newly developed RONDObot. With the unique Multi-Phase Rounding (MPR) process, the robot was able to round the very soft dough without destroying the gas cells.

The customer ran the trials in our Dough-how Center with their own ingredients and process from kneading through to the actual bake. Dough hydration was around 80% and resting time was more than two hours. It was entirely because of the RONDObot's revolutionary Multi-Phase Rounding process that it was possible to round this very soft dough without destroying the dough structure.

The Multi-Phase Rounding process breaks rounding down into individual phases; the optimum rounding actions are performed in each phase. The RONDObot's six degrees of freedom allow the rounding speed to be adapted. In addition, the eccentric movements and pressure applied to the dough piece can be defined dynamically.

The RONDObot is the first machine that enables the rounding process to be matched perfectly to the dough and the end product.

If you would like to see it in action, there is a complete production line for rounded rolls and small bread set up in our Dough-how Center in Burgdorf (Switzerland), ready and waiting for demonstrations, tests and trials.

If you would like to find out more get in touch with Edgar Wenkel.

The rounded roles have a nicely open pore structure.

RONDObot combines high performance with unmatched flexibility.

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