Rondostar 5000: the new generation of electronic dough sheeters

The new Rondostar 5000 is an upgraded version of the well established, tried and tested Rondostar 4000. Whilst the revolutionary i-Touch operation function is brand new, what remains unchanged is the legendary strength and reliability of this electronic dough sheeter.

Since it was launched onto the market in 1997, we have manufactured and delivered over 4,500 machines from the Rondostar series. Now the 5th generation of this electronic dough sheeter has been launched. It is available in three different variants (Expert, Pro and Basic), also in a Cutomat version with a double cutting station.

As easy to operate as your smartphone
Even if you are an inexperienced operator, the Rondostar 5000 is extremely easy and safe to operate from the word go thanks to its intuitive i-Touch operation function, which resembles a smartphone interface. The relevant information is displayed on the large touchscreen in clearly arranged tiles. With this type of interface, anyone can use the Rondostar 5000 to produce equally sized dough blocks and dough bands in the twinkling of an eye. Thanks to the «Program Wizard», you can create sheeting programs in only four clicks.

A swift, yet gentle sheeting process
The efficiency of a dough sheeter depends largely on the speed of the conveyor belt and the size of the dough blocks it can process. Thanks to its impressive conveyor belt speed of 85 cm/s and the safety guard opening of 90 mm, the Rondostar 5000 is able to roll out large dough blocks in no time at all. At the same time, the unique RONDO roller reduction curves ensure that the sheeting process is carried out in an extremely gentle manner. These curves are based on the long-standing experience of our specialists and thousands of users around the world.

Exceptional longevity
Just like the previous generations, the Rondostar 5000 is extremely robust and boasts high-quality components. The large-scale touchscreen is shatter-proof and a sturdy stirrup provides the machine body with additional protection. The Rondostar 5000 is manufactured and assembled in accordance with the highest Swiss quality standards at our factory in Burgdorf, Switzerland. Each machine undergoes rigorous in-house testing and an endurance test lasting several hours before it leaves the factory.

Certified hygiene and safety characteristics
The Rondostar 5000 adheres to modern, international hygiene and safety standards. For example, it is particularly easy to clean thanks to its smooth stainless steel surfaces. There are no recesses where dirt can accumulate and large flour catch sheets keep the floor clean. As such, the daily cleaning procedure can be completed in only 15 minutes. The hygiene and safety characteristics of the Rondostar 5000 have been tested and certified by the German employers' liability insurance association and the US-American Underwriters Laboratories (UL).

High level of configurability
The Rondostar 5000 can be configured to meet the specific requirements of the customer. You have three different variants (Expert, Pro and Basic) and various options to choose from. The RONDO Cutomat is the just the variant you need if you want to automate the make-up process in a limited amount of space.

The Rondostar 5000 offers everything a bakery needs these days: straightforward operation, equally sized dough bands, a high level of performance, a wide range of applications and a high degree of reliability and durability.

The top of the range variant: the Rondostar 5000 Expert

Brochure Rondostar 5000

i-Touch operation: intuitive, simple and safe, just like a smartphone

The Rondostar-Cutomat brings the dough sheeter and the cutting table together to create a single, compact solution

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