RONDO rigorously orients sales process toward customer needs

An analysis has shown that our customers want to engage in a dialogue that delivers well-substantiated information on various solution options right there in the field. RONDO Export has adapted its sales process accordingly.

As a RONDO customer, during the sales process you expect us to provide information promptly and in step with the project status. The dialogue between you and our sales advisor has to be clear with no room for misunderstanding.

The new sales process
Jointly with you and on your premises, we work out draft solutions with options from which, again in close collaboration with you, we select the best-fit solution for in-depth development. Working on the basis of a joint needs analysis, right there in the field we can give you a budgeted offer in writing with a number of options for comparison. Actually, it covers only one A4 page, but it contains all the required essentials such as investment volume, output, floor space and the number of people needed to operate the line.

Your additional benefit
We also estimate the pay-back time on the capital you invest. That way, you know when you'll have your return on investment. We discuss these results with you, there and then, on your premises and then we help you select the most suitable option. In step two, we flesh out all the details of this plan for you. The process has two crucial benefits: the dialogue with you is in the foreground and you get the information you need very quickly. On top of that, we drill down to the details only where that is of practical value for you. In the follow-up we bring all our planning expertise into play so that within five working days we can present you with a detailed offer complete with layout.

The preconditions
Of course, we can offer this high-end service only when we have the basic information which only you can supply: you are planning an investment, you know what you want to produce and you have an idea of the target production figures. You have our support in this, of course.

Other benefits from RONDO

  • The focus is on you and what you need for your business
  • Years of experience combined with innovative drive
  • Our machine concept is multifunctional and modular, so almost always we can propose an economical solution
  • Substantive, well substantiated concepts following on from joint clarification of needs and requirements


We are also planning on gradually migrating our worldwide sales partners to the new sales process.

Do not hesitate to get in touch with your contact partner in our Sales organisation. Or email us directly: E-Mail.

The RONDO team has analysed and optimised its processes and tools in Sales Export.

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