Stability and trust continue in a rapidly changing environment

RONDO's expo presence in China marked the company's 70-year anniversary. In a rapidly changing country like China, 70 years are symbolic of stability and trust. Our customers are aware of this and visited our booth in numbers.

The RONDO team headed by Hellen Liu (right), director of our sales office in China

In the period May 09 - 12 2018, Bakery China was our sector's big expo in China. All the well-known international brands were represented, and many local suppliers exhibited as well.
RONDO’s strength is our tradition combined with continuous innovation in every aspect of the end product. We have been established in China for many years now, this facilitates mutual interchange and lays the groundwork for success.
The 70-year history of the company, presented in text and graphic form on our expo stand, evoked admiration and appreciation. We speak the same language as our customers and share the same passion for the end product. That is why discussions at trade fairs often start and end at our product showcase. RONDO installations and the wealth of empirical know-how are a means to an end, because the end product is always what matters.
That is the reason why a tour of the expo was so inspiring. The products were high quality, they looked outstanding and they were elegantly presented in a stylish setting. We look forward to exhibiting in Shanghai again next year

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