New TipPositioner turns croissants so that the tips always point in the same direction

Our newly developed TipPositioner turns croissants so that the tips all point in the desired direction, ensuring reproducible quality of the finished product.

Every croissant needs to look just right. The right curling process has its part to play in this, as does correct positioning of the tip. It can be underneath the croissant, off to one side or on top, there is no absolute right or wrong. But the orientation should be uniform. That's why RONDO developed the TipPositioner, a new module for the Cromaster that turns all croissants to the same, defined position after curling.

On the central operating unit of the croissant machine, the operator sets the angle through which the dough pieces are to be turned clockwise or counter-clockwise. Driven by two stepper motors, the positioning belt turns the croissants accordingly and a press down roller fixes them in their defined position. No manual post-positioning correction is necessary, the dough pieces can be automatically panned right away or transferred to a conveyor belt.

This module, which can be retro-fitted, is compatible with the RONDO Cromaster in four-row configuration. It takes up only 1000 mm more space than an ordinary outfeed table. The figures from cost-efficiency studies show that investment costs for the module are recouped very quickly, because one or even two fewer workers are needed on the croissant line, depending on the number of rows. The unbaked dough pieces are untouched by human hand, thus, the standard of hygiene is even higher.

If you'd like to see it in action, there is a TipPositioner set up in our Dough-how Center, ready and waiting for demonstrations, tests and trials.

Are you interested in the TipPositioner? Go ahead and get in touch with us at E-Mail.

The TipPositioner is designed to be mounted on the outfeed table of the Cromaster.

The new TipPositioner gives your croissants perfect orientation.

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