RONDO Product Ideas

Gluten-free Ciabatta

RONDO Smartline and Starline


RONDO ASTec Bread Line

(filled double decker pastry)

RONDO Starline


RONDO Starline

Gluten-free vegan Croissants

RONDO MLC and Cromaster

Galettes de Rois

RONDO Make-up Line and pneumatic filling depositor

Meat Rolls

RONDO Make-up Line and Encruster


RONDO Dough sheeter and Make-up Line

Mini pastry with scoring decoration

RONDO Starline

Coconut macaroons

RONDO Make-up Line and pneumatic filling depositor

Almond sticks

RONDO Polyline

Short crust double decker pastry

RONDO Starline

Mechanical Dough Sheeters

Blocks and dough bands of faultless quality are the basis for consistently high-quality pastries. The mechanical sheeters from RONDO process all types of dough. They convince with a high economic efficiency, a sturdy design, simple operation and fast cleaning.

Econom - the compact dough sheeter

Rondomat - the ergonomic dough sheeter

Manomat & Automat - the hard workers

Electronic Dough Sheeters

In your bakery, many blocks of dough are manufactured and sheeted to form dough bands every day. High quality and consistency are demanded. This is where you lay the foundation stone for the quality and success of your pastries. You can depend on the electronic sheeters from RONDO in every way!

Rondostar - the versatile dough sheeter

Compas HD - the high-performance dough sheeter

Make-up Lines

Cutting, filling, folding, roll-winding, plaiting, sandwiching, decorating...

The possibilities of the RONDO make-up lines are virtually unbounded. These videos show the versatile pastry production with the make-up lines Polyline and Starline.

Cutting & Stamping with Polyline and Starline:

Sheet cake, pizza, bread rolls and other pastry products

Folding with Polyline and Starline:

Bear claws, meat rolls, D-shapes, butterflies and many more

Roll-winding with Polyline and Starline:

Diverse snails and other roll-wound pastries

Plaiting with Polyline and Starline:

Diverse plaited strudels

Sandwiching with Polyline and Starline:

Vol-au-vents, strudel with lattice decoration and other double-decker pastry products

Starline: Short dough double-decker product

RONDO at iba 2015

Croissant Machines

First stamp, then fill, rotate and curl. With our process-reliable solutions it is perfectly easy for you to produce all sorts of croissants and other curled baked products quickly and economically.

Croissomat SCM: Unfilled croissants

RONDO at iba 2012

Cromaster: Butter, mini, zebra and filled croissants, whole grain rolls and soft salted sticks

Curl & More: Diverse unfilled croissants

Croissomat SCM: Glutenfree croissants

RONDO at iba 2015

Cromaster: Zebra croissants (Rugelach)

RONDO at iba 2015

Curl & More: Diverse filled croissants

Bread and bread roll equipment

Our wide range of machines and installations covers any set of requirements from artisanal home bakeries all the way up to big industrial producers. We design bespoke solutions for any type of dough, desired level of automation and target output rate for the production of a huge range of bread and bread roll products.

RONDObot: Round moulded bread rolls

Curl & More: Salted sticks, mini baguettes, whole grain sticks

BrotStar 3000: Round and long moulded bread loafs

Smart Bread Line: Seeded ciabatta

RONDO at iba 2015

Smart Bread Line: Decorated bread roll

RONDO at iba 2012

Smart Bread Line: Seeded bread rolls

RONDO at iba 2012

Solutions for the production of donuts

Rondostar-Cutomat and Rondopress: Production of up to 125 dozen donuts per hour

Rondostar, Transfer Table, Cutting Table and Rondopress: Production of 150 to 250 dozen donuts per hour

Industrial Solutions

No matter which particular baked product you want to produce on an industrial scale, you'll find that we always come up with the ideal solution. In heavy-duty, 24/7 deployment, our industrial ASTec lines uniquely combine gentle dough processing with excellent hygiene properties. They meet your demanding requirements for hygiene, process and quality of the final product.

RONDO Competence Center in Schio

The place of Dough-how, the place to test, develop and simulate industrial production of new products.

High-speed Guillotine: 60'000 snails per hour

ASTec Line: Wet-cleaning on an industrial RONDO Line

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