Ethnic food is a big seller – test your thin-dough products with us

For all customers interested in thin-dough production, in our Dough-how Center we have just recently set up a multi-functional thin-dough line that is now available for demonstrations, trials and tests.

Turnover of thin-dough products is growing everywhere in our globalised world: More and more people are travelling to Asia, where they acquire a taste for the local specialities. People from Asia who move to the USA or Europe might well prefer not to change their eating habits. So the market for ethnic food is growing all the time.

Around 30 years ago, RONDO did ground-breaking work in the Middle East with the automatic production of samosa leaves. Ever since we have been leaders in designing solutions for working thin doughs and we offer a rational line for a multiplicity of different products, including for example:

chapati, paratha, purie, samosa, papadum, yufka, spring rolls, Turkish burekas, zamouzak, Chinese pancakes, bhakhar badi, chai puri.

Our multi-functional solutions cover the full range of requirements from artisanal through to industrial producers. Our dough-how specialists advise you on everything from the recipe to the production system and find rational solutions even if only limited space is available.

Move into the production of thin-dough products or automate your production. If you'd like to see it in action, there is a multi-functional thin-dough line set up in our Dough-how Center in Burgdorf (Switzerland), ready and waiting for demonstrations, tests and trials. Please address your inquiries to our Dough-how Center.

Ultra-modern machinery and process solutions are at your disposal in our Dough-how Center.


Leaves for samosas

Spring roll

Leaves for spring rolls


Pita bread


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