New EVO industrial line concept

RONDO has developed its new industrial line for the gentle processing of laminated doughs and soft bread doughs.

Consumer habits change all the time, and consumers' quality expectations are constantly rising. These changes are further accelerated by the ever-faster communication channels and the flood of information through social media. The retail trade needs to keep up with every trend, so from its baked-goods suppliers as from others it demands the right products delivered as promptly as possible. That's why nowadays, for industrial producers of baked goods also, the flexibility of the production lines is of prime importance. RONDO is catering to these developments with the newly designed EVO Line. The complete model family includes systems for producing dough bands and making up croissants, Danish dough, puff pastry, doughnuts, pizzas and bread.

Our years of experience in dough processing have gone into the design of the new line. The result is that now laminated doughs alongside soft and highly hydrated bread doughs can be processed gently on one and the same line. A key role is played by the special satellite technology for gentle reduction of dough-band thickness. With a working width up to 900 mm, depending on dough type and product size the EVO Line can automatically make up as much as 2 metric tons of dough pieces per hour.

The control system's user-friendly MMI enables intuitive navigation to all the parameter settings. RONDO knows that for every product changeover, maximum ease of operation is of the essence. For example, visualization on the touchscreen helps the operator line up each accessory in exactly the right position. All electrically powered accessories are plug & play. This makes it easy to integrate additional accessories for the production of new pastries, with no complicated retrofitting of interfaces and controls.

If you'd like to see it in action, there is an EVO Line set up in our Dough-how Center in Burgdorf (Switzerland), ready and waiting for demonstrations, tests and trials. Please address your inquiries to E-Mail.

Outstanding flexibility is the secret of the industrial EVO Line.

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