New flour duster with large range of adjustment delivers exactly the right amount of flour for every product

Our new flour duster is extremely versatile, because metering adjusts to suit the product across the entire bandwidth, from very light to very heavy dusting.

Multifunctional lines producing a wide variety of baked goods and processing different doughs need infinitely variable flour dusters. The new model with stepper-motor drive offers an exceptionally wide range for product-specific metering of the dusting flour. What's more, the maintenance-free duster needs no consumables such as oil or grease, so its improved hygiene properties are impressive.

The drive system with stepper motor has an extremely high total efficiency and across the entire speed range it runs virtually without developing heat. So, there is no need for fans or cooling elements, and as a design feature this has several benefits: power draw is less than 5% of conventional flour-duster drives. The design is very compact and the machine takes up very little space. At about 1.5 kg the new drive is much lighter than conventional systems, which usually tip the scales at 5–10 kg. And last, but not least, the price is much lower.

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The new, compact flour duster has an extremely wide range of adjustment.

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