Chinese Training Course

RONDO and Unitech performed a successful training course for their Chinese customers.

Chinese Training Course

After the successful China bakery exhibition in Shanghai, RONDO, with their partner Shanghai Unitech Food Machinery organised a training course for users of RONDO equipment.

The training took place one day after the exhibition, in the very well prepared Unitech warehouse. Thirty-four customers from all over China took up this opportunity and sent delegates such as plant managers or production chiefs to this event.

The RONDO team attending included a Master baker to operate the machines, a food technologist to answer questions on product development, process or ingredients and an engineer to train in aspects of maintenance, cleaning, reading manuals and how to identify and order spare parts. The training was a great success and at the end of the day Mr Chu from Tsingtao, who owns two “Compas” electronic sheeters and two “Croissomat” croissant machines stated: “I was very glad to spend this Sunday with the experts from RONDO and Unitech. I will return home with many good ideas on how to improve my production. The next area where I need to focus, is to invest into the new make-up line “Ecoline”. With this line, my workers will be much faster and I will get a better product quality than I have now!”

The Swiss team missed the “Auffahrt” national bank holiday at home in order to fulfil this training opportunity, everybody was happy to be a part of this, the first RONDO China Club event! We are already looking forward for the second training course in 2017!

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