ASTec principles

All ASTec (Advanced Sanitary Technology) lines are designed to comply with the most stringent hygiene requirements. High-quality materials and a sophisticated, easily accessible design enable you to carry out cleaning processes quickly and reliably.

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ASTec principles

ASTec principles

RONDO Astec Prinicples

1. Compatible materials

The materials used are selected to meet the needs of bakery products, the environment and to withstand chemical cleaning agents.

RONDO ASTec Linie Roller

2. No niches

The system has no recesses, slots, gaps, cut-outs or open seams. All weld seams are smooth.

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3. Accessibility

All areas of the production lines are easily accessible for cleaning, servicing and inspection.

RONDO Astec Prinicples

4. No deposits

The system is free of niches where debris or liquid can accumulate. Cleverly positioned drains prevent the accumulation of residues or liquids.

RONDO ASTec Bread Line

5. Sealed cavities

Cavities are eliminated or permanently sealed.

RONDO ASTec Bread Line

6. Separate processes

Wherever possible, work processes are separated from each other to prevent cross-contamination or to prevent products from being tampered with.

RONDO ASTec Bread Line

7. Cleaning

Cleaning is carried out in line with GMP (Grocery Manufacturers Association) standards or other quality standards that can be verified by monitoring programmes.

RONDO Control Concept RCC

8. Cleaning methods

The cleaning methods are effective and efficient and are logged in the machine memory. The chemicals used are compliant with food production standards.

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9. Hygiene function

  • Under normal operating conditions, the machine does not contribute to the proliferation of bacteria.
  • Operating panels such as buttons or valve levers are designed in such a way that neither product residue nor liquids can penetrate.
  • The machine design is compatible with bakery equipment and other power, steam, air and water systems.

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