RONDO and DUNKIN’ DONUTS: A Service Success Story

LODI CML, a DUNKIN' DONUTS manufacturing site in Lodi, New Jersey, has been a customer of RONDO since 1986 and has been operating the RONDO Smart Donut Line since 2018. In our short interview Noé Rodriguez, controller of LODI CML, offers an insight into the long-lasting thriving relationship.



Customer: LODI CML, Lodi NJ / United States of America 
Line: Smart Donut Line
In use since: 2018
Products: Donuts
Production: Up to hour 16,000 donuts per hour
Dough quantity: 600-800 kg/h




What do you value most about your RONDO Smart Donut Line?

At DUNKIN’, we always aim for excellence in our products’ quality; luckily, RONDO shares the same values.

It was high quality from the start. The Smart Donut Line has easy handling and guaranteed safety for our employees. We have had this line for five years and rarely make service calls.

How has RONDO facilitated your transition into increased automation?

While purchasing the line, RONDO never came in and tried to oversell us; you looked at our needs and offered us a solution. You listened to our feedback.

The collaborative approach from the get-go, with scheduled trainings, patience, and many meetings throughout, made the transition smooth during the installation phase.

Working with RONDO has allowed increasing distribution from 220 stores to 400 in the last five years in the greater New York area. That is as simple as it gets. We increased our yield using the Smart Donut Line; RONDO is here to help us grow. It is a win-win for all of us, especially for our employees; when we grow, they grow.

It’s really like, what LODI needs, RONDO has.    

Noé Rodriguez


RONDO Service Bedienung

Would you recommend the employee training and service provided by RONDO?

Absolutely. We appreciate the approach of RONDO training our team to use and handle the machines correctly. What your service techs have always done is they don’t just come out and fix the problem; they train our guys to find the solution; they are educating them. Also, with both sides’ multicultural and multilingual abilities, they communicate clearly with our staff. As a result, we have become less dependent because of RONDO’s team.

Their preventative maintenance program is key. The program ensures our machines are always up to date and minimizes potential risk factors, like delays in production or quality issues. In addition, I appreciate that RONDO does a quick assessment with fast resolution whenever they come in for a call; they genuinely care. Finally, their team goes far beyond odd hours and is ready to assist; they have done the impossible from day one.


What is the key to our successful partnership?

I would say honesty is the secret to RONDO’s and DUNKIN’s relationship. How we communicate throughout all these years has proven to be a huge success. 24/7, I can call RONDO and have someone pick up. Whether it is John (North American Service Manager), Nelson (North American Service Supervisor), or one of the service technicians, this is how we established a strong eye-to-eye relationship. And, of course, it doesn’t hurt that the quality of their equipment is excellent. 

Also, our monthly calls between RONDO and CMLs from all over the US are of great value to us. The service continued far beyond the sale of the line. This ongoing exchange of knowledge with highly experienced RONDO employees benefits both sides. So, your support has been imperative to this relationship working.


Noé Rodriguez, thank you for taking the time to talk to us!


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