From sweet and filled to savoury and folded – pastries come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. With bakery machines and industrial lines from RONDO, you can sheet and shape any type of pastry.

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About pastry

There is no limit to the variety of pastries. Sweet pastries are popular as a breakfast item or as an accompaniment to tea. Salty versions are great as a quick take-away snack. Whether folded, rolled, filled or sprinkled – on RONDO make-up lines, all types of dough can be processed to create high-quality baked goods.

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Characteristics of pastries

RONDO Pain au chocolate

Crispy, airy, delicious!

Crispy and flaky or airy and bread-like: RONDO make-up lines can process the different types of dough with ease

RONDO Pain au chocolat gefüllt

Ready for any trend

The demand for vegan and gluten-free pastries continues to rise. With RONDO pastry solutions , you will be prepared for every trend.

RONDO Feingebäck allerlei

All shapes and sizes

Whether folded, rolled, filled or sprinkled: RONDO make-up lines will turn the dough for your baked goods into any shape and size.

Machines and lines

Make-up lines for pastries

RONDO will support your bakery operation by supplying a machine with the right capacity and level of automation. What they all have in common is high precision and the utmost reliability. Thanks to its modular design, your RONDO line can be configured to suit your specific needs.

RONDO Ecoline Automatisierte Feingebäcklinie


  • 80 - 100 g
  • 150 kg/h
RONDO Starline Aufarbeitungslinie für Feingebäcke


  • 80 - 100 g 
  • 500 - 800 kg/h
RONDO ASTec Pastry Line Feingebäckherstellung industriell


  • 80 - 100 g
  • > 1 t/h
  • 24 h / 365 days a year
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Pastry variations

Basic types of pastry

Pastries offer almost endless scope for creativity. With RONDO, you can take full advantage of this, starting with the following basic types.

RONDO Bär Gestanzte Feingebäcke

Stamped pastry

  • Bread man
  • Pastry man
  • Vatrushka
RONDO Gefaltete Feingebäcke D-Shape Samosa Pain au chocolat Schweineohr

Single, double or triple-folded pastries

  • Sausage roll
  • Vanilla pod, Pain au chocolat, Bear claws, Spandauer
  • Dumplings, Empanada, Burekas
  • Strudel
  • Palmier, pig’s ears pastry, butterfly pastry, plyushka
RONDO Eingerollte Feingebäcke Rosenkranz Russenzopf Scherengebäck Schnecke

Single or double-rolled pastry

  • Swirl, raisin, nut, cinnamon and vanilla swirl
  • Russian plait
  • Sweet bread wreath
  • Pastry with scissor decoration
RONDO Gitterprodukt

Pastry sandwiched with dough band or dough strips

  • Pastry with lattice decoration: Flan
  • Double-decker pastry: Vol au vent, filled dumpling, strudel
RONDO Geflochtener Strudel

Braided pastry

  • Strudel