RONDO launches the Smart Bread Line

RONDO is proud to announce the official launch of its most recent automated line for bread production.

RONDO - Round Moulded Bread

The new Smart Bread Line has been designed to meet a production capacity of up to 1'000 kg of dough processed per hour and to increase the range of bread products that our customers can produce with a single line.

The biggest strength of the new Smart Bread Line lies in its modularity. Different line configurations allow for the production of a wide range of bread products (cut, stamped, moulded, rounded and gluten-free), as demonstrated in our most recent 3D visualisation. This modularity is combined with stress-free dough handling technology. This allows you to process even high-hydration and pre-fermented doughs with a strong control over the dough structure.

Automated round moulding with RONDObot

Completing the line is RONDObot, the round moulding system designed by RONDO. The system can process highly hydrated dough with long resting times. It is suitable for producing round breads and rolls at various weights, shapes and sizes. The Smart Bread Line is the right line to automate your production while maintaining user-friendliness.

We at RONDO will be at your side to support you in the transition from artisan to automated bread production with our Dough-how. Choose our Smart Bread Line, choose RONDO Dough-how.

Experience our new machines live at iba23 in Munich

See the Smart Bread Line for the first time at the upcoming iba23 in Munich (22 - 26 October 2023) at stand 211 in hall A1.

You can find further information on the Smart Bread Line on the product page.

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