Rondostar 5000: The new generation

The Rondostar 5000 is your reliable partner for dough sheeting. Its robust touchscreen is as easy to use as a smartphone and its sheeting process guarantees uniform dough bands at all times.

RONDO Rondostar 5000 Touch Screen

The fifth generation of the Rondostar 5000 is available in three different variants (Expert, Pro and Basic) and in a Cutomat version with a double cutting station. The machine is equipped with intuitive i-Touch operation. Even if you are an inexperienced operator, this function makes it extremely easy and safe to operate from the outset. The pre-installed “Program Wizard” enables you to create sheeting programs in only four steps . 

Versatile, durable and efficient 

The Rondostar 5000 is perfect for sheeting yeast dough, puff pastry and Danish dough. Blocks of dough, as well as dough bands can be processed. The unique RONDO roller reduction curves ensure that the sheeting process is carried out in an extremely gentle manner. The smooth machine surfaces, made of non-rusting stainless steel, make the Rondostar 5000 very easy to clean. There are no niches where dirt could accumulate. Large flour catcher sheets keep the floor clean during operation. 

The Rondostar 5000 has everything a modern bakery needs: It can be used for a broad range of applications, is very reliable and durable, simple to operate and provides uniform dough bands.

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Rondostar 5000: Now available!