Retrofit and upgrade services

Has your RONDO production line been in use for 10 years or longer? Use our Retrofit Kit to update your equipment and prevent interruptions to production. We will complete the modifications on site.

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Retrofit Kit

The Retrofit Kits are currently available from RONDO

Our Retrofit Kits are made up of three components: the central processing unit (CPU), the touch panel and a frequency inverter. Retrofit kits are uniquely programmed and can only be installed as complete kits

RONDO Steuerung


The CPU is the control unit of the machine. Replacing it, will ensure that your line is using the latest control technology.

RONDO Bedienpanel

Touch panel

The HMI  – the touch panel – must also be replaced as the original version is no longer available today.

RONDO Frequenzumrichter

Frequency inverter

The frequency inverter or frequency converter converts the supply voltage ensuring that the motors of the line are always running at the correct speed.

The Retrofit Kit is suitable for the following RONDO machines and lines:

  • MLC 4.0
  • Smartline

RONDO Service & Support

RONDO keeps your production system up and running by carrying out inspections and regular servicing, but also by completing repairs and providing replacement service kits.  

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John Latshaw

Director of After Sales

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Request a retrofit check for your RONDO line

Avoid interruptions to production. We will be happy to perform a non-binding analysis of your control system and check whether a suitable Retrofit Kit is available. Future proof your RONDO production line!

Important: Please include the serial number for your machine with every support and repair request. The serial number is located next to the power cable input or behind the flour duster on dough sheeters. 

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Advantages of Retrofit Kits and upgrades

The advantages of Retrofit Kits and upgrades

RONDO Verkablung des Stroms


Modifying your RONDO equipment will ensure you are using the latest electronics. Depending on the year of manufacture and variant, you may only need to replace individual components to benefit from software updates again. In many cases, it is possible to completely upgrade the control system.

RONDO Reparatur des Stroms


The IT and electronics are continuously developing at a fast pace, while mechanical dough sheeters remain up-to-date for longer. From an environmental point of view, it can be sensible to modernise a machine with retrofit components or upgrades instead of replacing the entire equipment.

RONDO Vertrag unterzeichnen


Contact RONDO directly at any time to find out whether your system is suitable for an upgrade. Simply complete the request form. It is important to let us know the serial number for your machine. This number will help us determine what retrofit options are available for your equipment.