Compas 4.0: Revolutionary

New preset options, increased efficiency and improved user-friendliness

RONDO Compas 4.0 Elektronische Teigausrollmaschine

In contrast to all of the other dough sheeters on the market, which rely on a central drive and gearbox, the Compas 4.0 is equipped with four individual drives for its conveyor belts and rollers. This provides the following advantages: 

  1. The Compas 4.0 sheets dough easily and carefully. That is a prerequisite for uniform dough bands and baked goods of a uniform weight and size. 

  2. The individually adjustable infeed, outfeed and roller speeds ensure that the sheeting process can be optimised for each specific type of dough. This means the Compas 4.0 can automatically sheet even very delicate doughs that could previously only be processed by hand.

New level of efficiency and user-friendliness 

The Compas 4.0 can process dough blocks with a weight of up to 20 kg without any problems. This faster and simultaneously gentler sheeting process yields a considerable reduction in operating cost In comparison to other commercially available dough sheeters, it increases efficiency by 10% or more Even if you are an inexperienced operator, the Compas 4.0 is extremely easy and safe to operate from the outset thanks to its revolutionary i-Touch control panel .

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