Industrial bakery production with RONDO

Baked goods manufacturers worldwide put their trust in industrial lines from RONDO. We develop and engineer each installation to meet your specific production requirements . This gives you a bespoke solution that fits seamlessly into any section of your production line.

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Single Purpose

Single Purpose – for consistently high product quality

24/7 industrial bakery production in multi-shift operation places the highest demands on precision, efficiency and consistency. Single Purpose industrial lines from RONDO are our solution to these complex challenges and are custom designed by us to meet the needs of your business.

Precision and productivity

The unique MIDOS dough band former from RONDO works the dough into a perfectly even dough band in a particularly gentle manner. This results in dough pieces that are accurate in weight and facilitate the production of extremely consistent baked goods. Intuitive operation using the RONDO Control Concept (RCC) prevents operating errors and also contributes to consistent product quality with maximum productivity.

Optimum hygiene thanks to ASTec

Thanks to the 10-point ASTec standard developed by RONDO, our industrial lines meet and exceed the most stringent hygiene requirements. What’s more, all ASTec W industrial lines are designed for wet cleaning.


Want greater efficiency and capacity for your business?

RONDO can assist you in making your bakery production system more efficient and flexible . We would be delighted to discuss the possibilities of scaling your production or creating a holistic bakery automation concept with you.

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Challenges and opportunities

Challenges and opportunities

Consistent product quality and cost reduction despite personnel rotation are key issues in industrial bakery production. In this regard, each company has its own definition of quality. The important thing is that the products leaving the line always meet the exact specifications: precise in terms of weight and design. Industrial lines operate 24/7 and with multi-shift operation as standard. They must also meet the most stringent hygiene requirements. Servicie work and upgrades are complex – service interruptions cost money.

  • Compatible partners both upstream and downstream
  • Top quality despite shift changes or inexperienced personnel
  • Cost reduction through greater automation and increased efficiency
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Development opportunities

The world of baked goods is constantly changing: New food trends such as gluten-free or vegan diets and take-away snacks are shaping the market and creating interesting opportunities for new products. But it is also possible to develop new markets and find opportunities for growth.

  • Growth in other markets
  • Consistent product quality
  • New trends like gluten-free for successful products