RONDO automation solutions for bakery production

RONDO will take your bakery production system to a new level: With our intelligent networking solution RONDOconnect we will network your RONDO lines and make your operation more transparent, more efficient and more productive RONDOconnect also enables rapid fault finding and system diagnostics, thereby simplifying service operations.

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RONDOconnect is an IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) solution that connects all your production lines on a single network It records the most important machine parameters in real time , such as utilisation, recipe progress and cleaning progress. You can see all the data that is important for efficient production planning in real time on a clearly structured, user-friendly dashboard. If you grant us the relevant clearance, RONDO can also support you quickly and competently at any time via remote access – be it for maintenance or to optimise your recipes and production processes.

Strengths and benefits

Strengths and benefits

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Operational monitoring

  • Full transparency and traceability of key production data such as the machine status, recipe history, hygiene status
  • Analysis of production data and changes in the process, occurrence of errors
  • Optimisation of production including preventive maintenance operations

24/7 remote access

  • Using the company network: a real-time overview of the most important production data is available at any time and on different devices
  • The same simple and user-friendly display on every machine
  • If clearance is given: Remote access to real-time production data as well as remote maintenance and servicing by RONDO

Productivity increase

  • Real-time overview of production data for planning and optimizing the daily production flow
  • Data monitoring and analysis for optimising recipes, product quality and production processes
  • Consistently high product quality and fewer production losses thanks to monitoring of hygiene protocols
  • Reduced downtime when servicing is required: Unplanned maintenance can be reduced , sources of error can be detected and remedied more quickly

Data security

  • Ability to connect to other networks and software (ERP, MES)
  • Production data and other sensitive data is stored securely in the company network
  • Secure VPN connection for remote access (128 bit encryption)

Want greater efficiency and capacity for your business?

RONDO can assist you in making your bakery production system more efficient and productive We would be delighted to discuss the possibilities of scaling your production or creating a holistic bakery automation concept with you.

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