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Gluten-Free dough can be difficult to work with, which is why you need a line that will produce a consistent and undamaged dough band.

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Celiac Disease affects millions worldwide, restricting what foods they can eat. The disease prevents people from consuming gluten, a protein found in wheat, as it causes an immune response in the body. As a result, people must eat gluten-free options for wheat flour-based foods. 

At RONDO, we want to ensure everyone can enjoy delicious food and pastries, which is why many of our lines can transform gluten-free dough into tasty products! One difference between gluten-free dough and regular dough is in texture: The dough is denser and less flexible.

You have to be aware that your dough will have less volume without gas pockets. It will be denser and more fragile; it has to be gently handled.

Johnson Yu

Demonstrator at RONDO North America’s Dough-how Center

This is where our lines shine! All our lines are gentle on dough, ensuring the dough band is unbroken and uniform. Our Compas 4.0 is a perfect example! It has four individual drives, so it gently runs dough blocks without stress. With a stress-free dough band, you can now shape and cut the dough to create gluten-free treats, like croissants, donuts, and pizza, for all to enjoy! 

For all these treats, our lines have got you covered:

  • If you want to make donuts, our Smart Donut Line is perfect! 
  • If croissants are your preference, then our Cromaster is for you! 
  • Pizza? The Starline has what you need! 

The gluten-free market is rapidly expanding, estimated to grow by 9.8% by 2028 according to Mordor Intelligence. Creating gluten-free variants will diversify and expand your business!

Gluten-free has been a trend for years. Demand is so high that entire bakeries produce only gluten-free products.

Johnson Yu

Demonstrator at RONDO North America’s Dough-how Center

An important thing to note when producing anything gluten-free, it must be in a facility that does not make anything with gluten. To prevent cross-contamination, you must abide by this. Millions worldwide deal with Celiac Disease, with many cases undiagnosed. It affects their everyday lives and heavily restricts their diets. For these reasons, we are happy to create machines to make products for everyone, no matter what! 

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Peter Spinelli

President & General Manager RONDO North America