RONDO showcases many innovations at the IBIE exhibition

True to the motto "Dough-how & more" RONDO presents, innovations for the production of premium bakery products in the platforms bread, pizza, pastries, and croissant, at IBIE at booth # 7007.

The Swiss manufacturer of dough processing machines and systems will be exhibiting many innovations and enhancements for artisanal and automated as well for industrial production. New at our booth is RONDO Industrial Solutions (RIS). RIS is our contact for industrial customers, when it comes to industrial technology, processes, plant designs and selling industrial bakery technology.

ASTec line for industrial production
For the first time, RONDO shows at IBIE the newly developed EVO Line, an industrial production line for an hourly output between 1000 and 2000 kg (2200 – 4400 lbs) per hour. In addition to its modern design, RONDO EVO Line is characterized by a high process reliability and gentle dough processing. For high-end industrial production, we present the industrial ASTec lines. These systems are designed in the famous ASTec design (Advanced Sanitary Technology) according to the latest hygiene guidelines. We will be exhibiting the MIDOS universal industrial dough band former for bread lines for processing soft dough and pre-fermented dough. For croissant production, we recently introduced RONDO CS, an industrial system for producing up to 125’000 croissants per hour in the best product quality in terms of curling and uniformity and showcasing RONDOnet, the state-of-the-art controls app.

A completely new generation of production lines
RONDO has completely redesigned its medium size lines: the modular laminating concept - MLC, the universal feeding line - Smartline, the universal croissant machine - Curl & More and the powerful make-up line – Starline. Through revised design, these lines are designed for 24/7 operation along with improved hygienic properties. This whole new generation of Starline, Smartline, Curl & More and MLC is characterised by lower energy consumption and even higher precision.

On IBIE you will see a complete line consisting of Smartline, Starline and the new Cromaster croissant machine. The newly developed Cromaster is a machine for an hourly output of between 4000 (2-row production) and 24,000 croissants (8-row production) per hour. In addition to its compact and space-saving design, Cromaster is characterized by a high process reliability. The adjustable curling unit (patent pending) allows the production of both, tightly and loosely curled croissants.

RONDO presents Dough-how
We do not only present new machinery, but also offers Dough-how Services, combining expert knowledge and experience in both dough and technology. You can experience RONDO’s Dough-how also in the new demo center of RONDO Inc, based in New Jersey. Here you can see our lines running with dough and discuss RONDO’s excellent 24/7 after sales service.

As always, welcoming visitors to our booth, will be the combined expertise of the whole RONDO team, available to answer questions on all aspects of manufacturing processes and production equipment for baked goods. The new unit "RONDO Industrial Solutions" - an independent group for consultation and sales of industrial equipment - will also be available to provide advice for industrial customers and act as a consultant and technology provider.

A visit to RONDO’s booth # 7007 is therefore worthwhile for all visitors from artisanal and industrial bakeries who want to find out about innovative ideas and pioneering concepts.

The new developed RONDO EVO Line is shown at IBIE for the first time.

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