RONDO shows innovative solutions at Modern Bakery

Once again, we demonstrate our strong commitment to the Russian market, and continue our long lasting relationship with the Russian baking industry by exhibiting at the Modern Bakery show, which takes place from March 13 to 16, 2017 in Moscow.

At booth FD35 in the Pavilion Forum at Modern Bakery we will be exhibiting interesting ideas and innovations for both, artisanal and industrial production. We will exhibit examples of our latest generation of production lines: Through revised design, hygienic properties have been improved and a new generation of control systems from Siemens simplify operation. The new generation is designed for 24/7 operation and is characterised by lower energy consumption and high precision.

On our booth there will be daily live demonstrations of a versatile production line consisting of the Smartline feeding line and Cromaster croissant machine:

11:00 Quark rolls

13:00 Zebra croissants

15:00 Whole grain rolls

The combination of Smartline and Cromaster enables bakers to automatically produce a wide variety of different curled products with consistently high quality, from filled and unfilled croissants to curled bread sticks and yeast crescents, with the highest quality and consistency.

On the Smartline, all types of dough can be processed. Even difficult to handle dough’s such as soft, highly-hydrated, pre-proofed and sticky bread dough can be processed successfully. In addition, laminated dough, short dough, honey dough, ginger bread and yeast dough can all be formed into a regular, stress-free dough-band. The Smart Feeder dough band former makes feeding the Smartline easy.

The newly developed Cromaster is a croissant machine with an hourly output between 4000 (2-row production) and 24,000 croissants (8-row production). In addition to its compact and space-saving design, Cromaster is characterised by its high process reliability. The adjustable (patent pending) curling unit allows the production of both, firm and loose curled croissants. Cromaster is a very flexible solution, for filled and unfilled croissants, it can be fed automatically with a Smartline, as shown on Modern Bakery, or by using reversible sheeters.

We will be demonstrating this croissant line live on the booth using ingredients supplied by RONDO partners. In addition, we will show new and fresh ideas realised with the famous automatic and electronic RONDO sheeters.

Visiting our Booth FD35 in Forum Hall is an excellent opportunity to ask our Dough-how Experts questions regarding machines, technical processes in addition to new products. You will have the opportunity to see the entire scope of production from dough mixing with DIOSNA machines, ZIEGRA ice generators, dough band formation, final product moulding and resting, completed by baking in MIWE ovens.

As always, RONDO has special offers on terms and price for the machines presented at our booth during «Modern Bakery 2017». A visit to RONDO in Pavilion Forum, booth FD35 is therefore a must for all expert visitors coming from artisanal and industrial bakeries who would like to learn more about these innovative ideas and ingenious concepts.

The compact Cromaster produces filled and unfilled croissants with the highest quality.

Smartline is a machine for particularly gentle dough band production without introducing stress

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