Automating bakery production

RONDO will help you to automate and scale your bakery production system. Be it an artisanal bakery or industrial production system: By using the right machines and a sophisticated networking system, we can make your processes safer, more efficient and more reliable – delivering maximum productivity at all times.

RONDO RONDOconnect IIoT für Teigausrollmaschinen

Automating bakery production – configured for your business

At what point is it worth automating your bakery operation ? This question can only be answered on a case-by-case basis. After all, the needs of each bakery business differ greatly. They depend not only on the size, but also on the focus, the location, the availability of personnel and the requirements for the final products.

Bakery software and IT systems

Computers and software are an important part of bakery production, even for small, artisan businesses. From saving recipes and creating production plans to organising packing lists, managing finances and personnel: Practically every bakery business relies on IT support provided by common bakery software.

Automation in the bakery industry

In industrial bakery production, a wide variety of processes are controlled or automated via IT: Business processes help to manage supply chains, production speed and any deviations, but also quality assurance, reliability of production and distribution. In addition, an ERP usually manages finances and human resources, if necessary in combination with an MES.

RONDO has the unifying element

With RONDOconnect, we have the right product for artisan, automated and industrial bakery production. RONDOconnect allows you to configure interfaces to any common bakery software and to ERP/MES systems. Existing machines can also be retrofitted with RONDOconnect.

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Want greater efficiency and capacity for your business?

RONDO can assist you in making your bakery production system more efficient and powerful. We would be delighted to discuss the possibilities of scaling your production or creating a holistic bakery automation concept with you.  

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