Pizza is something that everybody loves. Whether it is thin and crispy from a wood-fired oven or baked as an airy, thick dough in a sheet pan: RONDO can provide the ideal dough sheeter or industrial line for every pizza product.

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About pizza and calzone

The right base is the secret of every great pizza. With RONDO systems, you can process any type of pizza dough – regardless of whether the final product is a classic oval pizza base or a modern pizza baguette. With RONDO pizza lines, you will be able to produce a wide range of products, from ready-rolled pizza bases to rolled dough.

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Characteristics of pizza dough

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Pizza dough for all tastes

RONDO machines and industrial lines process thin, crispy pizza doughs precisely and gently, but are also suitable for producing airy, bread-like pizza bases.

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Ready for new trends

With RONDO pizza lines, you will be able to produce pizza doughs that reflect the latest food trends: whether it's gluten-free, spelt or vegan.

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All shapes and sizes

Round or square pizza bases, ready topped and frozen or rolled up and packaged: RONDO can supply you with the right pizza line for your particular pizza product.

Machines and lines

Machines and lines for pizza doughs of all kinds

RONDO will support your bakery operation by supplying a pizza line with the right capacity and level of automation. What they all have in common is high precision and the utmost reliability and repeatability. Thanks to its modular design, your RONDO line can be tailored to suit your specific needs.

RONDO Cutomat Ausroll- und Schneidemaschine


  • 500 pcs/h
  • 150 kg/h
RONDO Smartline Beschickung von Feingebäcklinien


  • 250 g
  • 3,000 pcs/h
  • 750 kg/h for pizza bases
RONDO ASTec Pizza Line Pizzaherstellung industriell


  • 20,000 pcs/h
  • 5 t/h
  • 24 h / 365 days a year
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Pastry variations

Basic types of pizza products

Pizza dough offers enormous scope for creativity. With RONDO, you can take full advantage of this, starting with the following basic types.

RONDO Pizza rund belegt

Round pizza

  • Frozen and ready-to-serve pizza
  • Tarte flambée

Square pizza

  • Pizza bread
  • Pinsa
  • Focaccia
RONDO Aufgerollter Pizzateig

Rolled up pizza dough

RUNDO Runde Pizza mit Rand

Pizza with crust