ASTec Donut Line

With the ASTec Donut Line, you can produce delicious, high quality donuts with maximum efficiency In all variants and sizes: The dough pieces are stamped into perfect shapes.

RONDO ASTec Donut Linie

ASTec Donut Line


Strengths of the ASTec Donut Line

RONDO ASTec Bread Line

Perfect dough for delicious donuts

  • MIDOS: gentle dough processing
  • Perfect dough for high-quality donuts
RONDO Mood Donut

Donuts in every shape and colour

  • Fresh, frozen, large or small: anything is possible
  • Stamping offers a huge range of possibilities
  • All shapes and sizes can be produced

A reliable and fully automatic process

  • Every process step is automated
  • From shaping the dough band to collecting & returning the dough trimmings
RONDO Smart Donut Line ZDP

Stamping – Not a drop of oil too much

  • Stamping the donuts ensures perfect edges
  • Donuts absorb 4 – 5% less frying oil
  • Cost saving due to lower oil requirement
RONDO ASTec Bread Line

RCC – higher productivity

  • RCC prevents operating errors
  • Large, clear symbols, intuitive and clearly arranged
  • A change in belt speed is automatically applied to the entire line
  • Autom. log incl. cleaning
RONDO ASTec Line Wash-down Reinigen Bandschnellentspannung

Meets the highest hygiene standards

  • ASTec: better and faster cleaning
  • High-quality materials and constructionensures completely smooth surfaces without niches or cavities
  • ASTec D for dry cleaning and ASTec W for wet cleaning

30.000 donuts per hour

ASTec Donut Line

With the ASTec Donut Line you can produce delicious, high quality donuts with maximum efficiency in all variants and sizes on an industrial scale.

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Baked goods

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Our industrial donut line is ideal for making donuts in all shapes, colours and variants – right through to the latest trends. So get creative!

Technical data

Technical data

ASTec Donut Line

Capacity 1,000 – 2,000 kg/h
Recommended operating time 24 h / 365 days a year
Line widths available 700 mm, 900 mm, 1,200 mm

Further information

MIDOS – Multiple Industrial Dough System

Our innovative dough band former

MIDOS – Multiple Industrial Dough System

This innovative dough band former from RONDO has a specially developed roller system that does not require any process flour or oil. MIDOS was developed using Advanced Sanitary Technology (ASTec) in accordance with the most stringent hygiene criteria.

ASTec principles
RONDO ASTec Line Wash-down Reinigen

ASTec principles

All ASTec (Advanced Sanitary Technology) lines are configured to meet the most stringent hygiene requirements. High-quality materials and a sophisticated, easily accessible design enable you to carry out cleaning processes quickly and reliably.